Raspberry Pi

A picture of a computer monitor with the raspberry pi boot-up screen on it

In our STEM academy, we have a select few people working with a piece of hardware called a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a small, prebuilt computer which uses a form of the Linux operating system to allow for expanded development and tinkering with code design

Alexander Beck, Diego Ayala, Rajiv Patel, and Leah Linkogle (2016-2017)

We created a raspberry Pi. We enjoyed it. We learned that coding is very hard.

Shane Fort (2017-2018)

For my STEM project, I decided to make a game in C++ using my Raspberry Pi. My two biggest interests are game development and hacking, and I had originally wanted to hack the school's network, but that didn't happen (for obvious reasons). Instead, I made a really simple C++ game. It's barely a game, but it has enemy "AI" and some basic gameplay mechanics. In about 800 lines of code, I've managed to create a semi-entertaining game with levels, fighting, items, and an objective. It's been a really fun project to work on, and I plan on either expanding it or starting over and completely reprogramming it, since the code is pretty messy in some places. If I end up starting over, I'll probably program it on my laptop instead of my Pi. While the Pi is small and surprisingly powerful, it has trouble running certain things. My laptop runs Linux, but is much faster than the Pi.

Matteo Salverio (2018-2019)

Matteo Salverio is working on a Raspberry Pi computer in our STEM Club. It is his second year in our STEM Club and he has work with Raspberry Pis since before our club. For his project, he worked on emulating video game consoles. Doing this, he was able to play and work witht the code of multiple classic games (Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 3). Through doing this, he was able to manipulate the code of the games and effectively hack them as well as play a variety of games on the tiny yet powerful Raspberry Pi. Matteo says "you can almost do anything with it [the Pi]." He has effectively used the Pi's full power thanks to the time our STEM club allows.

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